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Mattress memory foam:

Generally, when we talk about a memory foam mattress, the expression confuses everyone. In fact, even if it is the technology that has most characterized the bedrooms in recent years, it continues to be a difficult material to describe.

What is the history of this material?

The Memory Foam, originally called Temper Foam is a material created and developed nothing less than from NASA! The astronauts in fact, when they left in their ships and then returned to Earth after completing their missions in space, suffered the side effects due to the very strong gravity. Therefore, NASA decided to study a material that could help improve their conditions and after various prototypes, patented the memory.

NASA began using it to stuff spacesuits and armchairs in space shuttles. This material remained a NASA exclusive for many years until companies were finally allowed to use it. So it was that the first memory mattresses began to be created, which were produced by exploiting the unique characteristics of this material or its ability to absorb and distribute weight and heat regulation in contact with the body.

In the beginning, the prohibitive prices of this foam did not make this type of mattress very popular but with the passing of time, fortunately, the memory mattresses have obtained (rightly) the success they deserved. If you are in search of what is the best mattress for couples? Do not miss to visit Bestmattress-brand to learn more; here are some features of memory foam and some tips to help you choose your mattress well.

The properties of the Memory Foam mattress:

But what is hidden behind this mysterious name? First of all, it is important to know that a memory mattress, a memory foam mattress, a memory foam mattress, a viscoelastic mattress are the same thing. These are all words and expressions used to indicate the same material.

The mattresses that consist of memory foam are ergonomic mattresses. This definition refers to the fact that the material allows the mattress to change shape and adapt to the weight of the person lying on it. Furthermore, a memory mattress is able to return to its original shape when it has no weights on it in a few minutes.

The most important feature of the memory foam is to achieve an unparalleled level of relaxation: it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and absorbs all movements.

But there are 4 other characteristics to keep in mind: the thermosensitivity of the material, its comfort, its density and the treatments used on it.