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You should pay attention to this when buying a baby mattress

It is good if you always get an overview when planning your baby. What are the options? Which one is best for you and your baby? To help you get started with baby mattresses, this guide accompanies you until you decide. In the baby mattresses comparison, we have looked at different models for you and introduce you to the best in detail. We also chose a baby mattress winner. Here we present you first the most important purchase criteria for baby mattresses and show you what you should pay attention to.


Since the anatomy of the baby is still in development, his spine still has no S-curvature as in adult humans. The anatomy of a baby is therefore only a hardness of medium to the hard fair. So you should pay attention when buying a baby mattress so that your baby is well supported while sleeping.
Dimensions: 70 × 140 cm is standard

 The standard dimensions of a baby mattress are 70 × 140 cm. Another common format in the mattress is the size 60 × 120 cm, with different versions are available, which depend on the particular cot. Polish up on your sleep knowledge at

The material: Pay attention to the air circulation

It is important that the material is breathable so that your baby is sufficiently supplied with oxygen during sleep. The materials are different and suitable for different requirements. In case of allergies or other irregularities, special attention should be paid to the purchase. In our baby mattress comparison, we could find different materials in the models.


The baby mattresses differ in the versions also in their equipment. On a stepping edge should at least not be waived so that your baby to stand in the first attempts or not hurt while romping. Also in terms of equipment, the models in our baby mattress comparison significantly differ.

Baby mattresses with tread edges

A step edge is a reinforced edge on the baby mattress. A step edge thus reduces the risk of injury to your baby. In our baby mattress comparison, of course, we also paid attention to whether such a step edge is present.